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The Mozilla Browser (with its derivates like FireFox) is one of the best on the planet - and it runs on both Windows and Linux. It is well designed from a security stand point, complete (support for JAVA and Flash) and rather fast (at least compared to Internet Explorer). Furthermore it has features like tabs and popup-blocking. Microsoft, in this particular case, does not appear to follow the pace of development in browsers and Mozilla is gaining market share rapidly.

Large organisations are telling their staff and students not to use IE (see also this Informationweek article

Mozilla has great HTML support, and pretty much covers every feature that IE has - apart from local and insecure Windows functions - and tries to be reasonably compatible. The only problems appear when IE does not adhere to standards or is ambiguous in in its treatment of features. It is pretty easy to write webpages that look fine on both browsers though not everyone appears to be capable of doing so and there is this trend at WUR lately... See below.

The following list refers to WUR sites:

Editing WUR sites

GX-based sites (like the WUR) can be edited with Firefox and (probably) Chrome, but not IE.

Viewing WURTV live broadcast works with Firefox.

Wageningen Desktop Library

Everything should work fine in Mozilla and Firefox. The library makes it a point to support both Mozilla and IE! If you encounter any problems, please, and include the exact page url in your message.

Student Education Programme

The following appears to have been fixed (Great!): The server uses XML and style sheets and checks for the browser. It just kicks off Mozilla - I think it uses some IE DHTML to find frames. Ugly and should be fixed. Your only option is to use IE with CrossOver under Linux.