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How to use VPN on OSX

Be aware that you need a VPN approval from IT first!

(for more information on WUR VPN, go here : [1] )

In your systems preferences panel go to network

Click on the + sign to add a new network type

Select VPN and Cisco IPSec

After that you fill in the server address and your account name:


In authentication settings:


Not everything is filled in due to security reasons, you have to go to the WUR intranet website and download the VPN information files ( VPN Profie WUR PCF )

When the file / folder is downloaded, open the WUR.pcf file and the host (url) can be found in here, the group name and the group password.

The shared secret ( enc_GroupPwd in the WUR.pcf file) needs to be decrypted via this website:

and then filled in.

Now if all settings are correct and you have permission from ICT you can now connect to the WUR network.

If you have any questions feel free to use the mailing list.