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* [[Browser issues]]
* [[Browser issues]]
* [[Linux@WURUsers]] an overview of the use of Unix at WUR
* [[Linux@WURUsers]] an overview of the use of Unix at WUR
* [[Linux@WURCool]] cool projects at WUR
* [[Conferences]]
* [[Conferences]]

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WURLUG (Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centrum Linux User Group)

This site contains information for the use of Linux in academia. The WURLUG is the Linux user group at Wageningen University (since Oct 2003) and open to anyone even distantly related to WU activities. We regularly meet up and have a lively mailing list.

Thanks to WUR library we now have a mediawiki site.

  • Proposed WUR Mini-symposium on Linux/OS/X in the new academic year 2009/2010. Topics:
    • Set up a Linux and OS/X desktop, or laptop, at WUR (settings, mail etc.)
    • What are FB/ICT and the Library doing with Linux?
    • Scientists on Linux (experiences)
    • Access to a WUR Linux cluster for calculations
    • Cloud computing using Linux
  • Pjotr, Theo and Leon were at FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. 7+8 February.
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