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LUG.WUR.NL (Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centrum Linux User Group)

This site contains information for the use of Linux at Wageningen U&R. This wiki is a spinoff of the WURLUG.NL community, who graciously supported the information contained herein whilst there was no official support for Linux in Wageningen. It is now maintained by FBIT, and we aim to keep it up to date with all the latest information pertinent to Linux usage at WUR.


24-02-2017: Migrate wiki over to new hardware, update and renovate.

Site Directory

Main pages:

  • Eduroam Information about accessing the wireless
  • File shares Information about accessing Windows shares (W: drive etc.)
  • Email Settings for Linux mail clients
  • Printer Settings for printing from Linux at WUR
  • Citrix Settings for getting Citrix client to run under Linux

Other important pages:

Mailing list

The old WURLUG Mailing List is still present and is maintained by NLUUG.