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WURLUG (Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centrum Linux User Group)

This site contains information for the use of Linux in academia. The WURLUG is the Linux user group at Wageningen University (since Oct 2003) and open to anyone even distantly related to WU activities. We regularly meet up and have a lively mailing list.

Thanks to WUR library we now have a mediawiki site (mail the mailing list to get access).

  • Wageningen Life Sciences has free access to DutchGrid, over 1000 cores, with 200 cores in Wageningen, for more information, see SURFSARA@WUR
  • Using the Citrix client@WUR (remote Windows desktop for Linux/OSX)
  • BioNode - creating a Debian VM for the Cloud
  • Cluster/GRID and CLOUD Computing@WUR
  • Occasionally people programming in Linux meet up at Hack@WUR on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the month 1900 hrs at De Zaaier, Heerenstraat 33. Track the mailing list for announcements and drop in! No rules.
  • Old news
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Main pages:

  • Eduroam Information about accessing the wireless
  • File Shares Information about accessing Windows shares (W: drive etc.)
  • Email Settings for Linux mail clients
  • Printer Settings for printing from Linux at WUR
  • Citrix Settings for getting Citrix client to run under Linux

Other important pages:

Mailing list

Subscribe here to the WURLUG Mailing List (kindly hosted by the NLUUG). Unfortunately the web interface has been down for some time. To subscribe contact Pjotr Prins @ wur.