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* smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter
* smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter
* smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter_Color (for colour)
* smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter_Color (for colour)

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Using the WURprinter (new MFP's)

The official documentation for this is at: http://www.wur.nl/upload_mm/d/f/f/a0f788b8-d197-4d1d-afb5-80c84bb7b1e9_printing_Linux_UK.pdf


(Follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu#Printing_from_Ubuntu )

If you don't have access to the printing dialog, then the shell command:


will usually work.

You can download the exact correct ppd from openprinting https://www.openprinting.org/ppd-o-matic.php?driver=pxlcolor-Ricoh&printer=Ricoh-MP_C4503

Adding a printer by using "add a Windows printer via SAMBA", then using

  • smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter


  • smb://scomp5170.wurnet.nl/WURprinter_Color (for colour)


  • Your WUR login details (wur\user001, passwd).
  • Model: Ricoh MP C4503 PXL

This will ONLY work from a wired, wur-user wifi and eduroam. Only eduroam users will have scomp5170 resolved to a different ip. Nonetheless it will work.

You can (theoretically) use smb://scomp5170.wur.nl/WURprinter from eduroam connections, but so far this seems not to work properly.

If this does not work, a generic postscript version can be added by adding:

  • smb://scomp5170/WURprinter_PS
  • Your WUR login details (wur\user001, passwd).
  • Model: Generic PostScript Printer

Other Linux

It should be possible to set up CUPS with the above information.



or better: